I am a cross-functional developer who specialises in back-end programming. Born and raised in the UK, I’ve also spent formative chunks of my life in the United States and the Philippines. Day-to-day, I manage remote teams around the world for web projects, hack code and maintain servers under my company, Another Cup of Coffee Limited.

My career started off coding C++ for mobile, Windows and Linux platforms, then shifted into project management, network infrastructure and computer security. In the past, I’ve worked with start-ups; a systems integrator; mobile operators; banks and a $100bn Japanese trading house. It was fun while it lasted but wasn’t for me. I’m happier working for myself, or as a freelance consultant.

By some strange twists of fate, I’ve also found myself involved in emergency preparedness, firearms advocacy, search and rescue, a private security agency, a beach resort and a rural bank. After a period of focusing on business and management, I’ve returned to my software engineering roots.

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