What’s the motivation behind focusing on Muslim terrorism?

January 16, 2015

Have you thought about the motivation behind most of the mainstream media focusing on Muslim terrorism?

According to this article, less than 2% of terrorist attacks in Europe over the past five years were committed by Muslims. In the U.S. between 1980 and 2005, the figure is 6%. Latino-related groups carried out 42% percent of US terror attacks, followed by 24% by extreme left-wing actors.

Could it be, perhaps, really about pushing the narrative of a Clash of Civilizations?

Je suis Voltaire

January 14, 2015

It’s strange how the combination of media and politics corrupts thought. The ‘Je suis Charlie’ sentiment is supposed to be about freedom of expression but in reality, it’s turning out to be quite the opposite.

Voltaire might be a better model: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” (Voltaire, via Evelyn Beatrice Hall)


…except Voltaire seemed to have been a pacifist.

Violent crime: Nature’s laws always trumps Man’s laws

July 5, 2014

For many of us in the firearms community, it’s no surprise that after a number of years of incremental firearms restrictions in the Philippines, people are now also starting to notice an increase in violent crime. Historically, violent crime rises with more restrictive civilian firearms laws. Correlation does not imply causation but it should provoke further investigation.

Even in Britain, the ‘gold standard’ for gun control, this narrative that stricter gun laws leads to less crime is not so clear-cut. Unfortunately, polarisation and politicisation of issues make statistics meaningless as each side massages the data to suit their agenda.

Play with information as much as you like but Nature’s laws always trumps Man’s laws. Predators surface when there is easy prey.

Radicals become conservatives

June 10, 2014

Hannah Arendt summed up the revolution dynamic nicely when she said that radicals become conservatives the day after the revolution. “Revolutionaries do not make revolutions.”

A violent revolution is never a solution as it simply installs a new set of overlords. Or, as Pete Townshend put it, “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.” Pretty much every example we have in history points to this.

Voting only gives political violence an appearance of legitimacy. Voting is violence by proxy. Public protest and civil disobedience operate under the rules of civil obedience. Both actions accept the rulers’ claim to authority.

So what to do?

If the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name, we acknowledge the true evil in the world and strive to make it irrelevant in our lives. Evil is corruption of good. Political corruption is only a symptom of corruption of the mind. Corruption of the mind follows from the refusal to see the truth. And the truth is that there are no bearers of truth.

Fighting evil leads only to more evil. By making it lose significance, we rob it of power. The real revolution is in realizing we don’t need to revolt.

The Martilyo Gang: master criminals and their fearless pursuers

March 31, 2014

To fully appreciate the comedy in this headline, you need to know a bit of backstory.

There have been mall robberies in the Philippines where the perpetrators used hammers to break display cases. The hammers were purchased inside the mall so in response, Philippine police ordered a ban on the sale of hammers. Yesterday a robbery took place and pipe wrenches were used. Now there seems to be a serious discussion on how the thieves changed their MO. Apparently, the police have a lead on where they bought the pipe wrenches.

This game of chess between master criminals and their fearless pursuers is riveting…

The Keystone Cops